AC9000 ISE electrolyte analyzer

  1. Long-life and Maintenance-free Electrode
  2. Full automatic intelligent system
  3. Advanced unique design for the fluid route
  4. Batch, rapid Sampler system
  5. Three measures to ensure the accuracy
  6. Friendly interface and Comprehensive data management
  7. 10,000 users worldwide
  8. Providing comprehensive after-sales service solutions


 Model AC9101
Measuring item    K+, Na, Cl
Sampler method    Manual
Measuring time    25s
Full time    40s
Sample size    100μl
Data storage    10000
Communication interface    232 interface
Display    240×64 LCD Liquid crystal display, backlight
Printer    58mm thermal printer
Air bubble test    Yes
Alam for waste liquid overflow    Yes
Alam for standard liquid level    Yes
standard liquid level indicator lamp    Yes
sample liquid level indicator lamp    Yes
Power supply   ~220V±22V  50HZ±1HZ  85VA
Product size    408mm×390mm×230mm
Product weight    6kg
Measuring method    ISE, TCOadopts pressure-measuring method
Working condition    Temperature: 5℃-40℃, Relative humidity ≤85%


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